Monday, September 20, 2010

Secret Projects and Non-Negativity

It's been a strange thing, being back at school. It's been wonderful to see and spend time with my roomates again, that's for sure.

So far, among other things, there's been a trip to the Philadelphia zoo, lunch off of Honest Tom's Taco Truck, street performers, bumping into a Steampunk convention by accident, drinking at a roomate's 21st birthday, and unexpected contact with a half-uncle from Moscow I barely knew I had. As a result, I have a stuffed Okapi and stuffed spotted wild African dog, the desire for more tacos and to visit the cupcake lady's truck, the need for adventure, the lurking desire to attend said Steampunk convention, a renewed love of Fragelico, and a whole bunch of "learning Russian" MP3s.

'Case no-one noticed, I'm trying to keep positive. I'll be trying to avoid blogging about the negative.

I'll only say that school has been interesting so far, but very very trying for the soul. Most of my classes are fine, if a little vexing. More when it comes up, I suppose.

As I don't have any copies of the two lukewarm pieces I just finished, I will only share some of the halfway decent pages from The Sketchbook Project book I have been working on, under the theme of "sleepless". I THINK the entirety of my book, so far, can be viewed here, by the public, even if you don't have an account with the Art House Co Op. Enjoy these, for now.

That should about do it. Until next time, see you later, space cowboy.

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